I don’t date models

Model/muse relationship
or why I don’t date models

The first rule of professional photography is to never touch your models. I take it further and say that I don’t date models. Why do I do this? Well first, professionalism. I shoot for fun, but I am a professional. I have an MFA and I shoot a lot. Not only would that kind of thing get around and give me a bad rep but it is just immoral and unethical.
Second, it is kind of whoreish to pay a girl to get her hang out with you. I have more respect for the women I work with.
Third, signals are mixed so there is no way to interpret professional courtesy for personal interest. There is also an amount of trust placed in the photographers hand, the model is nude and vulnerable. And after a business transaction it would be sleezy to ask the girl out on a date. If you ask a girl out first then it just seems weird when she turns you down if you ask her to come model for you. I guess I should start asking girls out first? But I hate the stigma of the creepy sleezy photogs or GWCs that come on to their models. IT is hard not to because they are beautiful, I get it, but that wall must remain.
Granted, the only girls I know are models. I hired them so of course I am attracted to them. Out interests are usually compatible, either in art or subject matter. But I just can’t do it. I need to get some feedback from models.

So a friend of mine that is not a photographer has brought up a good point. If they are my friends first and I have no problem taking a friends photo.
Also If they ask me to take their photo when they know I am not interested in them as models, that opens the field.


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