Why make art?

What is the reason I make art?

I begin a dialogue about belief using my art. All of my work is about Truth. About how perception and reality rarely coincide. Objective truth must exist, it cannot all be subjective. So how can we know? Do myths hold a greater truth? I think of most of my work as parable, as a tarot card or ancient mural.

This work has been a study on fetish, both the sexual and magical. In an effort to explain the latter I explore the former and use it as a foil. Sometimes it works. It works better as an art object rather than online. When there is a piece an object that a person must confront and deal with its reality as an object, that makes it less surface and gloss and harder to skim over or dismiss. Unfortunately most of my viewers these days see it online and do not look too deeply into the meaning of things. Therefore most things must be gestalt or explained for that reason I must be careful to not force feed them. At least they get the sexual part of it. I am a lowbrow artist with highbrow ideas.

I can’t be disappointed if no one understands the work. But doesn’t that defeat my purpose of making it?

To make money? No I spend way too much on the production of it and the education and the time. I think I would have to at least sell some work to start making money.

Accolades and recognition? Although it does feel good when someone goes out of their way to say they like a piece, I usually don’t believe them. Although it hurts when I see my peers make it ahead of me or people less experienced get hired before me it is something I can’t take personally. I just need to market and network more.  But back to the point, yes it feels good when people enjoy my work.  But that doesn’t get me paid or laid.

A sense of accomplishment or mastery? No there is always room for improvement.

Why do I continue to beat myself up about making art? Why do I continue to spend money on this? Hope? Is it OCD? Am I obsessed with this? Is it my fetish? It definitely makes me a self masochist.

I like deep philosophical dialogues with intelligent people. I like talking about art and discussing it. It is pseudoscience. I just need to find those people. I need to find my audience. I thought it was in the fetish crowd. But that group  is more the origin than the destination.

Seriously though, I need an answer.


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