Back to Life

I am back in Atlanta after an amazing trip.  It seemed the farther away I got the better I felt.  Now I am back and the stress is creeping back in.

Fetish con was awesome. Great people great photos. I have some big hopes for these. Both the people and the art.

For the people I met, you are great. I really hope we can be friends, please be for real. Something I need in my life. People to connect with on different levels. Levels I have walled off from other people in an attempt to protect myself.  This protection has become a prison.

For the art. I need money right now so maybe I can get some of this published and create some income.

My D700 totally fucked up, most of my photos are too blurry. This auto focus issue is apparently common with this camera. Adorama will not accept the return, Nikon will try to diagnose the problem but I have to pay for shipping.

Went to the Salvador Dali museum in Tampa with my friend Willa. I had always liked his work and appreciated it. But holy shit. I have found a new master to draw from. His late work the big work is amazing. I will be incorporating it a bit more in my work.

Working on my bio, right now this is me and I think I want it to be more of a character.


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