I have identified a personality flaw in myself recently.  I used to be bold and daring and even if I didn’t have a long-term goal I was focused on what I wanted and what I was doing.  I told myself, “it is ok I am young, I don’t need a long-term goal yet”  well I think that time has come.  Although I will still second guess my choices, aesthetics, artwork direction.  I will have a direction. No more buyer’s remorse.  The past is something to be learned from and not regretted.  (easy to say, now how do I implement that?)

After graduate school my self-confidence was shot to hell.  I am still not back, and don’t think I ever will be.  The happiest time of my life was Italy.  The worst, right after in Greenville ,Mississippi.

I have been in Atlanta for 5 years now, and I am over it.  Work is barely there but I am semi comfortable.  better than most of my acquaintances, not as good as most of my coworkers.  Ho do I gain back that self-confidence?

How do some of these fotogs find models to shoot every day?  Unless they are independently wealthy, which I don’t think they are these guys must have some kind of mojo.  I need to meet some more hot girls get my mojo back.


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