On Motivation

Why do artists make art?  At first I thought I was communicating something special, but really it was compulsion.  something to escape life and depression, something to get the shit out of my head.  Lately the wellbutrin has been working.  So why do it now?  It is definately not for the sex, money, or recognition.  Or should it be? Those would be powerful motivators.  Mortality seems to be the most powerful for me now, that and an attempt to assuage my guilt at being lazy.

I need some goals.  Publication would be awesome.  That would get me an amount of recognition and money.  Some commercial work would be even better. 

Made this today.  I was working on it already and then someone on Facebook sent me a cool compliment.  And it helped me get it done.  Want to make a book before Fetish con maybe I should.


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