Ahh, Confidence where hast thou gone?  I was thinking that art makers must be filled with some confidence to be able to continue to make art.  A Self- Sustainable motion.  Julia Margaret Cameron may call in Faith.  This has left me, or I should say it waxes and wanes, more wayn than wax.  More ebb than flow.  I wish I had other artist to talk to about this but alas I don’t have a support system whatsoever.  I go for days with out talking to anyone.  This is not healthy.

So I have started a blog.  Hopefully it will not be filled with depressive comments on art making.  Let’s see.  I have been trying to come up with some reason to start a blog.  My best reason is to meet other people, art makers, start a discussion, and get feedback.

So lets start this.  I encourage you to comment.


2 Responses to “Confidence”

  1. Keep the faith, you are not alone.
    Dont be shy of the word faith, that’s exactly what it takes sometimes. Blind faith. All your success will come from following your passions. Dont worry about needing a gallery or outlet for your work. Be open to opportuities. I exhibit and gain commissions through showing at the two Fet clubs we have locally.
    I am fortunate in that I have a strong support network. This investment in people has been crucial for me. I have lived from hand to mouth and been homeless but never stoped being an artist.

    It has begun

    • I thought I replied on this but it doesn’t show. So here.

      I needed that. Thank you. It has been up and down the past few months, but as you can see here I am still at it.

      I should make some more prints and go up to my one fet club that I know of.

      ok off to make more work. Editing this is going to be tough.

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