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So something like these with the idea of a moon montage in mind. natural fabrics will be best for the idea.  I tend to like one color and the rest in black and white.  Reds really pop, blues will be good for the idea.  I also tend to like symmetry.

and anything by this woman
more images to come.
Disclaimer! These are not my images. I want someone to make these things or rent them to me. the designers have either sold them or will not respond to me. So I will have someone make something like them for me.

I also wanna make some videos like dupreese.


new stuff

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So it has been a while since I have done the Arts. It feels good to be producing again, just to do something. So these were taken at last year’s Secretroom presents Skin Two. Just a small selection of the best.

seperation and follow-thru

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So why is it that when I am at work I seem to have all this motivation to make art? I st here thinking about what I need to do and what has to happen and I don’t follow through when I get home. Maybe it is because my home is for relaxing and not for working? I guess I need to have more separation between work and life. Just my thought for the day while I sit on this show doing nothing.

Bloopers and outtakes

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from my new pron. it will be full length feature. These are just the teasers I still have to edit a shit ton and go through all the stills.

Harness by Torvea.com

blanket by liberator


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I am going to start with online profiles. First I am going to get all my art together in a folder so I can upload it easily. Then write a price list up. Find my paypal address. Then upload it to a bunch of different places. Or should it be just one? we will start with a bunch. To see who sells more, if at all. Then email magazines. This means editing my port down.
Then a bunch of lists or links on my webpage need to be updated. all while I am waiting of myphotopipe to print my stuff. It has been 4 days, whats the hold up?

the “why” wall

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Working on Art the past few days. Then last night I hit a wall. It was the doubt wall. Why the fuck do I do this? Why do I make art? I have no audience. No followers that I know of. This shit is all to myself or for myelf. Art is useless unless it is seen. So I need to be marketing and getting it seen. Rather than creating worthless relics that have no meaning and no appreciation, I should be making something to share with others.

Just submitted three images to the Fetish Con Show. Tara is not all the way done, but here is one of its incarnations. I think i will start doing series of the same images in different styles. Dammit, I already have trouble editing and using what I have. I also have trouble with organization. I’m just having some troubles.

My delimma

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How do you choose between these? How do you pick one? Now multiply that times 500!

Now WTF do I do with these?